Michael Jackson, filipinos presos atacan de nuevo



Lunes, 25 de Enero del 2010  |  17:27 hrs

El coreógrafo del ´rey del pop´ y dos bailarines adicionales enseñaron a los internos del Centro de Detención y Rehabilitación de Cebú las rutinas de This Is It.


Con todo el tiempo del mundo en sus manos, los internos del Centro Provincial de Detención y Rehabilitación de Cebu en las Filipinas han aprendido otra rutina de Michael Jackson.


Pero, esta vez, con algo de ayuda.

Y es que el coreógrafo que trabajó con Jackson durante un largo período, Travis Payne, junto a los bailarines Daniel Celebre y Dres Reid, enseñó las rutinas de “This Is It” a los populares reclusos.

Como se recuerda, estos artísticos reos bailaron varios temas del cantante, después de su muerte, el 25 de junio.

Eso es lo que Michael habría querido.





Cebu, Philippines prison inmates learn new Michael Jackson dances from ‘This Is It’ in latest video



By Olivia Smith


Wednesday, January 27th 2010, 4:00 AM

Those dancing inmates at the maximum security prison in Cebu, the Philippines, are at it again – and this time, they had some professional help.

For anyone just now joining the dancing inmates, they at one point held the record for the largest group ever to perform the moves to Michael Jackson‘s groundbreaking “Thriller” video. An amateur video of their performance from within the confines of the prison became a YouTube sensation.

The new YouTube video begins with a man identified in a screen caption as “Wardon” Byron Garcia of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center walking with a mike into the now familiar enclosed prison yard, presumably calling everyone attention.

Once the dancing starts though, the first thing that might come to mind is, wow, these guys have gotten really good since their “Thriller” days.

That’s because the first dancers we see aren’t the inmates at all – they’re Jackson choreographer Travis Payne and professional dancers Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid, who paid a visit to the prison to teach the inmates routines from Jackson’s posthumous concert movie, “This Is It.” Reid was among the dancers who appeared in the film.

The three pros lead a group of the most gifted incarcerated dancers – who are really good – through new choreography for “Bad,” before segueing into “They Don’t Care About Us.”

During that song, they’re joined by seemingly hundreds more, and the large group executes simpler moves in unison, with a few leg kicks thrown in for good measure, staying in formation. A camera shooting from above captures the marching-band-like group movements, and by the end of the routine, all the dancers have formed a peace sign, simultaneously pumping one fist in the air.

At one point a group parades a photo of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through the proceedings – presumably a reference to a line in Jackson’s song that goes “Some things in life they just don’t wanna see / But if Martin Luther was livin’ / He wouldn’t let this be.”

But the performance was not in honor of the revered activist’s birthday last week. Rather, the release of the YouTube video coincides with DVD release of “This Is It,” reports USA Today.

Fritz Friedman of Sony Pictures, which released the concert movie, told the paper, “We thought it would be a great idea to pay homage to MJ on the occasion of the release of ‘This Is It’ by going to Cebu and having Travis work with the dancers to create this piece which is from the film.”

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